Machias Community Church

Sorry, this spot is taken 

Posted by Pastor Ron Thursday, April 12, 2012 8:56:00 AM

Last year robins built a nest in the ivy above our front porch and laid eggs. By the time we noticed it was too late for us to remove it (kind heart folks that we are.) Consequently we couldn't use our front door until the eggs hatched and flew away.

A short while later as I was starting to take down the nest I discovered that the robins had laid a second batch of eggs!  Grrrrr!!!

When fall came we took down the nest but I knew that this spring the robins would try to reclaim 'their' spot on 'our' porch.

Enter the rubber duck. Bright yellow with orange beak and big eyes! This would scare the robins away.

Um... nope. The robins just moved two feet along the vine.

Another 'nesting' duck was added in the new spot.

Um... nope again.  Seems there is plenty of room for all God's creatures on our front porch.

While looking for more ducks in the toy box Marilyn came up with a pink  'My Little Pony' and I'm going to contribute a couple of rubber lizards.