Machias Community Church


Posted by Pastor Ron Friday, August 26, 2011 7:00:00 AM

Solaster stimpsoni ~ the Striped Sunstar. These beautiful seastars come in various shades from light pink to dark red-orange with the stripe ranging from grey to dark blue.

Solaster fotographi ~ the Photographic Sunstar is another favorite

To get a sunstar in your photograph 1) use a small aperture 2) use a wide angle lens 3) take a picture with the sun in it.

You'll need the full sun disk (not diffused with clouds) and be careful looking through the lens unless you have it manually stopped down to the small aperture. Remember what your momma told you about looking at the sun.

Etymological Tidbit:  solaster comes from the Latin sol (sun) and the Greek aster (star).