Machias Community Church

Sweeping the Lawn 

Posted by Pastor Ron Monday, September 05, 2011 7:00:00 AM

It was never suppose to be lawn but due to our intentional lack of goats, cows, horses or sheep three acres need to be mowed to keep the blackberry bushes and alder weeds from taking over. And I have to admit, it looks nice mowed. I acquiesce. It is a lawn.

Eleven years ago we were blessed to acquire at auction a surplused mower from the City of Bellevue. Since then I've been able to chew through a 6 foot swath of whatever gets in my way with four wheel drive diesel powered Toro goodness. Yeah! I continue to see this as a blessing from God. How could I not?

Of course this mowing madness leaves behind windrows of grass clippings that must (really?) be removed. Raking 3 acres = notsomuchfun. I see these windrows of grass as God's blessing to the crows who follow behind and look for... never mind.

Enter the grass sweeper! Purchased used for a yet to be named price from one of our friends. I will tow this around and scoop up the windrows of cut grass and what have you. At least that was my plan until confronted with a slight hitch in the hitch. I had already welded a hitch plate onto the Toro but it was waaaaay too high to accommodate the sweeper.

Something needed modifyin'.  Weld weld weld. Now the Toro sports a drop hitch! I look at this as the blessing of God in giving me a father in law who taught me 'farmer welding' and then gave me the red Forney buzz box welder forty years ago so I wouldn't keep borrowing his. He also taught me to keep scrap steel around.