Machias Community Church

Underwater Vacuum 

Posted by Pastor Ron Friday, July 01, 2011 7:00:00 AM

They roam the sea bottom vacuuming up the detritus, straightening the furniture and keeping things tidy.

Known predators include Shane who on occasion harvests them for the Asian market.

Many moons ago I took Shane's wife Robin (then a teenager) on a father/daughter BoatingCampingDivingBonding trip to the San Juan Islands. We went scuba diving and picked up a few sea cucumbers for dinner. It was one of those 'We can live off what we catch' kind of trips.

We weren't really sure what part to eat and unfortunately as soon as we opened them up to see what was inside they turned into a slimy gooey mush. Undeterred, we (meaning me) removed the muscles from inside and fried them up in a pan.

Had I know that we were eating the insides of a vacuum cleaner I might have passed on that entree.